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"At first my son was more than a bit intimidated by the idea of singing in a chorus. We're chalking this experience up to a fantastic example of one of our family's favorite mottos: 90% of life is showing up! In short, he loved it."
-GBCC Parent


FALL 2021

"My daughter has learned so much about vocal technique this Fall! She's grown in confidence, and is proud of her accomplishment. We hope you'll expand your programming to include younger children next semester. Thank you to all that make GBCC possible for our family!" 
- GBCC Parent

Fall rehearsal 2021_edited.jpg


"My kids thought camp was "cool." I thought it was incredibly inspiring and delightful; I like that they now think singing in Italian is perfectly normal."
- GBCC Parent

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In the Community


GBCC is a gift for this community! 

The benefits of music as expression are too numerous to count, and learning choral singing rolls expression, teamwork and beauty all into one experience! 

The treasure will be with the singers and our community for years to come!

Mary Farley

PK-8 School Music Teacher


Singing in a chorus is a wonderful way to expose our children to the arts and have them develop relationships with and perform with kids from all different backgrounds. 

Thank you GBCC for bringing this programming to our area!

Amy Cooper

Green Mt. Surgery Center

Co-Owner and CEO


During this era of isolation, anxiety and division, our kids benefit from more opportunities to safely gather and work together in screen-free, creative and beneficial ways. 

This chorus fits the bill!

Michael Wood-Lewis
Front Porch Forum

Co-Founder and CEO

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